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Once you know the basics of gardening, you can grow almost anything.

Don't forget to give Iowa One Call a call 48 hours before planting.  There number is easy (811) and the service is free.  To learn more about the notification system, click here.

Do you want to update your landscape?  ISU Extension has a new, award-winning publication on Home Landscape Design.  Visit the online store or your local county extension office for a copy.

Growing plants in raised beds makes gardening easier.  To learn more, download a copy of Therapeutic Gardening: Creating Raised Bed Planters.

Plant diseases don't happen - it takes several factors working together before a plant becomes sick.  Learn more about the plant disease triangle from It Takes Three to Make a Plant Sick.

Garden  Tips: Guidelines to Seasonal Chores gives you tips on what chores to do in the garden and when to do them.  Print out a copy for more information.

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