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The sweet taste of fruits nourishes our bodies.

Did you rennovate your strawberry patch this year?  Learn more on why and how to rennovate from a recent Yard and Garden column.

Grapes are a becoming a popular fruit crop in Iowa.  Can you grow grapes in your landscape or acerage?  Check out a recent press release from Paul Domoto, fruit specialist at ISU.  Learn more about harvesting grapes from a past Horticulture and Home Pest Newsletter article.  If you have problems with your grapes ripening, check out a past Ask the Experts.

Did you know that berries are good for you?  Learn more about the health benefit of berries from Pick a Berry for Your Health.  If you want to try growing strawberries, check out Planting Strawberries in the Home Garden.

You might be surprised at all the "fruits" you can plant (and eat!) in your garden or landscape.  Learn more about creating an "Incredible Edible Landscape" from ISU.



Raspberries (pruning)



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