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Bulbs and Tender Perennials

Bulbs are a colorful addition to the spring, summer and fall garden.

Tender Perennials bring an exotic flare to the garden.

Spring is Tulip Time! With all the colors and shapes of tulip flowers - it is no wonder that they are divided up into many different classes.  Learn more about tulip classes from a past Horticulture and Home Pest News article.  Want to learn more about species tulips?  These are reliable bloomers, year after year.  Check out a few options for Iowa in Species Tulips.

Crocus are one of the first bulbs to bloom in spring.  Their small, bright purple, gold, or white flowers are truely a welcoming sight after winter.  To learn more on where to plant crocus, check out a recent Ask the Experts column.


Specific Bulbs


Specific Tender Perennials




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